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Reception Planner

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Various dances and common reception details

*All Times Are Approximate

Social/Cocktail Hour Time:
Preferred Music:   

We usually start playing soft music 30 to 60 minutes before the arrival of the bridal party for guests as they are arriving.

Bridal Party Entrance: Time:
Song Chosen:   

The DJ will ask all guests to take their seats for the arrival of the bridal party.  The bridal party will be arranged in order in the foyer. Once all bridal party participants have been introduced, the DJ will ask them to stand so guests may take pictures.

Toast Before Dinner: Time:
Person(s) Giving Toast:

This is done by the Best Man, Maid/Matron of Honor, parents or friends.  The DJ will announce this and hand the microphone to them.  The DJ will also check with the caterer before announcing this to make sure that the caterer is ready for the meal to begin.

Prayer Before Meal: Time:
Person Saying Prayer:

This is done by the minister or a parent.  Following the prayer and if requested to do so the DJ will excuse the tables for the meal if it is a buffet.  The DJ will check with the caterer for the procedure.

Dinner Music: Time:
Preferred Music:

Dinner music is pre-selected by the DJ and is slow instrumental. During Dinner, the DJ will review the Wedding Planner sheets with you.

Cake Cutting:  Time:
Song Chosen:

Cake cutting follows the meal.  Music for this is typically pre-selected by the DJ unless requested.  NOTE: The cake cutting will not start until the DJ is informed by the bride and groom that they are ready for it.

First Dance of the Bride & Groom Time:
Song Chosen:

All songs are not guaranteed to be in our music supply. but efforts will be made to provide them and, if not available, client will be notified.  Client may provide music if wished.  DJ will call all the bridal party to the head table at this time so they are prepared when called to the dance floor.

Bridal Party Dance

Bridal Party Dance: Time:
First Song Chosen:
Second Song Chosen:

Two songs will be played, one for the bridal party and a second for the guests to join them.

DJ will announce bridal party as follows:
Bride and Groom:
Bride's Parents:
Groom's Parents:
of Honor:
Best Man:
Bridesmaids Groomsmen

Grandparents of Bride:
Grandparents of Groom:
Junior Bride:
Junior Groom:
Ring Bearer:
Flower Girl:
Other Attendants:

Father/Bride Dance: Time: 
Song Chosen: 

DJ will introduce and play chosen song.  Russell Sound Lab suggestions - "Daddy's Little Girl" or "Butterfly Kisses".

Groom/Mother Dance: Time: 
Song Chosen:

DJ will introduce and play chosen song.  Russell Sound Lab suggestions - "I will Always Love You" or "Unforgettable".

Wedding Anniversary Dance: Time: 
Song Chosen:

DJ will call all married couples to the dance floor to join the bride and groom for a slow dance. DJ will call married couples off the dance floor in 5 year increments until the longest marriedcouple remains.  Sometimes, that couple is honored with a small gift.  The wedding anniversary dance is some times done in lieu of the Bouquet/Garter toss and the bouquet is given to the longest married couple.

Bridal Money Dance: Time: 
Song Chosen:

DJ will call the Best man and Maid/Matron of Honor to the DJ booth and show them where to stand with the baskets on the dance floor.  A line for the bride and Groom will form behind the Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man. The DJ will pre-select the slow music for this dance.

Bouquet & Garter Toss: Time: 
Bouquet Toss Song:
Garter Removal Song:
Garter Toss Song:

DJ calls all the single ladies to the dance floor.  The DJ plays the chosen song and counts to three for the toss.  Then the DJ announces the garter removal and plays the chosen song. Finally the DJ calls the bachelors to the floor, plays the chosen song, and the Groom throws the garter.  The DJ will then ask the lady and gentleman who caught the bouquet and garter to pose with the Bride and Groom for a picture.

Putting Garter Back On: Time: 
Song Chosen:

DJ will lead this also.

Novelty Songs *DJ Will Only Play if Chosen

Only Play listed selections here  Locomotion     Bunny Hop       Polka        Twist Hokey Pokey
Electric Slide Chicken Dance Macarena Limbo Cha Cha Slide

Open Dance Floor Time: 
Then The Party Begins.  Feel Free to make requests both now and during the reception!
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